TPF Podcast #562- The Chassis Battle

Join Grace and me as we discuss Grid Girls (again), life without manufacturers and Renault’s humble chassis comments with regards to McLaren…could we actually see McLaren battling Red Bull in 2018? We read your Mailbag questions and offer some awards.

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I do believe at least one manufacturer will leave F1 no matter what happens in 2020. It’s possible it might be two. If success does not come to Honda soon, they may pack it up and leave again.


Hahahaha… boy are F1 glad to have distances from F1B! What a tongue-lashing! Bravo.

sunny stivala

There are dozens of F1 websites around that the commercial rights closed their eyes too re their “name rights”. They are in their majority British based, But everybody and his dog knows the first interests of these sites is to safeguard their accreditations and that the interests of their followers are second to that, these sites mostly gather for a section of fanboyism, acts more or less as a (fan-boy club).


I was thinking the same thing. I believe that is the most down comments on F1 that I have heard from NC.


I haven’t listened to the whole podcast yet, but I don’t think your being overly negative. I completely agree with your stance and have a similar view. Just spitballing some numbers but if they are looking to grow 5% and you piss off 40% and half of them leave, you net -15%. They shouldn’t complain when that happens … and please don’t blame it on the fans! :)