TPF Podcast #564-The Car Launches

Join Grace and me as we discuss the most meticulous and finite details of each car change from 2017 like pretty colors, swoopy wings and fun liveries…you know, the important stuff. We discuss testing and Honda and Alonso’s wheel nut and more. We even have awards.

Fashion Award Winner:

Soundcloud Player:

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sunny stivala

That fashion award winner photo, that is what elegance is all about.

Matt Guss

Oh really? you must be kidding. Looks like prom night in Monaco

sunny stivala

Such elegance, Monaco promo or not are truly contaminated by some dickhead posing for the camera.


Thought of this immediately:


I know I’m commenting on a very small thing form the podcast, but I actually have something to say for once!

Working for a global company, I can definitely confirm that the Asian business culture is very different from anywhere else that I’ve worked with. Seminars like Toro Rosso used should be standard practice in all global companies. I mean, even things like cc’ing your boss on emails – standard practice for them, but to us in America / Europe, it can be seen as rude or like you’re not happy with the person.


I’ve called for a reduction in pit crew numbers when there were a rash in pit lane incidents which some were injured. NASCAR teams are complaining about the recent reduction on over the wall crews now. For an exciting race to watch, you may need a time machine but roll back to Suzuka 1994, a very wet race with a red flag period. Go to the last third of the race and watch Mansell in the Williams and Alesi in the Ferrari go toe-to-toe at 170R for several laps in the hard rain. By the way, I first heard someone… Read more »

Duncan Stephen

Good podcast as always.

I was struck by the bravado award and Sean Bratches’s comments about the competitive nature of F1. Not too long ago, in 2012, the weird new Pirelli tyres led to the first seven races having seven different winners, one of whom was Pastor Maldonado. People rightly thought that was making a bit of a mockery of things. You can’t have it both ways, though I guess there’s a balance to be struck.


Sean Bratches ‘I didn’t come here to be liked ….’.
Certainly came to the right place then.


Thanks for answering my question. Based on Grace’s choice of Spa 04 as a favourite race, do we want to know what she plans if/when McLaren ever win again?


Well, there’s always the orange tan the DT uses… running down the Mall?


Halo – to save one life, worthwhile.
So if one life is worth the Halo then…
To save all the drivers’ lives? Stop racing.

Matt Guss

Brilliant Peter! Agreed.

sunny stivala

“Downforce is the enemy of racing. reduce downforce and the cars will not hit the wall so hard”. RICK Mears on cockpit protection for open wheel racecars.


On the reveal…
Does no one remember the US car launches of the 50s? In showrooms, there was a shroud-draped car for 2 weeks. Build speculation. On the day, no press, no hoopla… just dozens of kids noses pressed against the windows across America.

Matt Guss

This halo is 3/4 of the way to enclosed cockpit. And that sucks

Fred Daniell

A few notes on this podcast:
1) teams change designs and kit each year to provoke fans to buy new/more apparel each year. No changes mean reduce sales!
2) loved discussion on halo. Why is there so much concern over engine costs by billion $ companies while only lip service (eg halo) to million $ constructors? I have no sympathy for engine mfgrs.


As the debate about the coward-canopy, sorry I mean HALO, continues, I still think a lot of people are missing the key point: IF safety is paramount, which is the default argument for all of this HALO garbage, then you HAVE to take the drivers out of the cars. The technology exists to allow these drivers to drive from the pit garages, and that would guarantee their safety (short of Steiner beating the shit out of somebody when they throw their gloves). If we really “care” then how can we let the drivers keep needlessly risking their lives?


Sorry, but by that argument we would not have racing because then the safety concern would move to those preparing the car. The only way to eliminate all risk is to not do it at all. But where is the fun in that! If there was no risk then it would also not be very interesting either. But there has to be a risk assessment and where possible remove risk. I absolutely hate the HALO, but I think the FIA saw a bad trend in driver fatalities/close-calls over the last few years from head injury and wanted to do something.… Read more »

Emil Forsmark

They should paint the halo in same basecolor as the driver helmet. Would make it even easier than before to identify the driver.

Matt Guss

Pretty sad that there is no shout out to Lakewood WA for all the listener who lives here.