TPF Podcast #569- Red, White and Boo!

Join Grace and me as we discuss all things Haas F1…well, at least the controversy surrounding their recent surge in performance in Australia. We talk about their relationship with Ferrari, The Dallara factor and even discuss the gentle soul that is Gene Haas.

We cover engine freezes, F’s waning TV audience and discuss Rowdy Ross’s Racing Revamp plan. We even hand out awards and answer your mailbag questions.

Fashion Award Winner (click here for article):

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In regards to sports television’s falling viewership and ratings, MLB baseball is a bit different than its competitors. While Fox and ESPN will broadcast a MLB games nationally, most teams have lucrative broadcast and sponsorship deals with regional/national cable companies. This, essentially, makes pro baseball a local sport much like high school football. However, MLB offsets that with its own channel and highly regarded streaming app. To Grace’s point about instant gratification in racing, look at NASCAR’s present method for dividing a 500 mile race into 3 separate sprint sessions. I don’t like it but I do get its purpose… Read more »

Richard Bunce

Just tried a little experiment after listening to podcast. I was able to sync up ESPN On Demand video stream of AUS GP with BBC Radio On Demand audio stream of AUS GP… I get F1 on Univision Sport but this week race is at 11 am EDT and the Univision Sport coverage is not until 4pm (Fotball is King!). I am recording it and when BBC Radio On Demand for the race shows up next week may watch again to see how it works. Could be good option for the Asian races in the middle of the night. Live… Read more »


This is fantastic news!!! I knew Hamilton was into music, but had no idea he was joining the Bay City Rollers -Shang-a-lang!!!!!


If they want to increase viewership, the #1 thing they can do is to make their F1 TV an On Demand application. All the applications and nearly all broadcasting only shows the races Live. This makes it difficult for someone interested in the races to schedule a viewing time, and often makes the broadcasts at 3:00am if you’re on the West Coast. NHL and other sports let you watch when you want. Why can’t F1?