TPF Podcast #571- The Chinese GP Review

Join Paul and me as we discuss the Chinese Grand Prix in the TPF Podcast #571. In this podcast, we cover the Mad Max Attack, Ferrari’s dodgy strategy, Mercedes and their magical diva machine, Red Bull’s assault on the established power brokers, Daniel’s incredible drive, Nico’s hidden amazement, and Kimi’s mugging. We even hand out awards.

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Peter Riva

Gee, I wonder if NC was excited about the race! A full and solid review – almost as energetic as the race itself.


I wonder if we’re going to be hearing “Mad Max Verstappen” for a while. ;-)

sunny stivala

Over this side of the pound the present promptu popular hit is MAXTHREESIXTY.


Man! These races are way too exciting for old hat F1 fans. Can’t wait for the new regs to make them nice and predictable again :/ Why is there so much talk about increasing passing when the solution is clearly to make changes at only a measured pace so small teams don’t get left behind? This has been the best season in a long while and the good news is that it’s just getting started!


My understanding on why Merc (or at least Lewis) didn’t pit during the SC is that they only had a set of used Mediums and a set of new Ultras (which wouldn’t have lasted until the end.


Todd, awesome podcast once again. Congrats to you and Paul for making it interesting.

Where are you sourcing your Pirelli info from? I’m looking for tire usage data for a project I’m doing. I have only found the infographics that Pirelli release on their website. Is there another source? I’d be interested in historical as well as real-time data.