TPF Podcast #572- Just kidding, that’s not our car

Join Grace and me as we discuss fuel allowances, McLaren’s Doug Henning magic trick, Gunther’s war on Indycar, your mail and much more. We even hand out awards and here they are:

Fashion Award winner:

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  1. Well, as long as you don’t bring in Tony Stewart, you’re good to go.

  2. You meant ‘Barfalona”?

  3. Not only is it missing, it’s knocking and pinging.

  4. That sounds like what I do to my computer: Upgrade parts to the point where it’s a new computer.

  5. Gunther should take classes on diplomacy.

Toby S

1:08 you’re looking for someone who managed to ‘drive through their penalty’. How about Schumacher British GP 1998, who had a drive through and took it after he crossed the line to finish the race (ie finished in the pits).


Someone did something similar in NASCAR many years ago, I believe it was Jimmy Johnson or a Jeff Gordon. A pit stop was required (must have been an exhibition race), so they took the pit stop on the last lap, after stop was complete they passed the start/finish line on pit road! Brilliant exploitation of the rules, which were subsequently modified and now the pit lane closes with 2 laps to go.

Tim C

It was Jeff Burton. I was watching that exhibition race and it was a brilliant move by his team. The commentary team had no idea what was going on until it was all over. A fantastic read of the rules. NASCAR implemented changes shortly thereafter so that never could happen again. Again, one of the best things I have ever seen played out in a race.

Brock Totman

Hello, I had an idea when listening to the engine part of the mail bag section. For a track like Monza that is a power circuit, could team miss-match parts based on wear from different power unit to gain horse power? Like use ICE #1 with the turbo from #2 and battery from #3.

sunny stivala

Any of the number of the power unit elements per diver allowed by the rules can be mixed and matched by the team

sunny stivala

The driver starts the first GP of the season with a power unit consisting of one each of the six elements that makes-up the power unit. by the second GP of the season his power unit can consist of any of the power unit elements out of the number allowed. from there on what is mixed and matched within the numbers allowed can be a re-developed part/element, either for reliability or performance, of which in any case will have to be registered with the FIA. elements replaced can be re-used if deemed serviceable within the rules. all this mix and… Read more »


As a regulation wonk, to answer the question from the podcast and partially Brocks’ question. The elements, once introduced, can be swapped around as you like. Mixing and matching as you wish. Stay within the allotted number and no penalty. Here is what the technical regulations for 2018 say regarding what can be replaced in the PU elements without incurring a penalty. Sorry up front for the longish post, but the bulleted part is for those who are interested. The complete regulation can be found here: 5.22 Replacing power unit parts : Refer to the table in Appendix 2… Read more »


To avoid the dire offence of making a irrelevant post amongst topic comments, I’ve been for a trip out to the tumbleweeds of the Forum (jeez its quiet out there).
I’ve posted a link to some excellent pictures of the underside of Verstappens Red Bull from when it was recovered from the tyre wall after his Bahrain practice accident.
If you are interested in the aero on these cars, or just want to rant about how they’re too complicated, worth a look.
Back to TPF Podcast #572 comments, sorry for the interruption.

sunny stivala

Thanks for the pictures, such eagle eyed attention is good and helps a lot when shared. From on this side it is appreciated.

Peter Riva

funny podcast… thanks for the chuckles with regards the steering wheel as well as McLaren in re Barcelona (or Spa?).


There is a point of diminishing returns with respect to youth and driving. Todd, didn’t you have your own incidents when you were young (even if it wasn’t quite racing)?

Maybe that operating temperature window needs to be widened.

Looks more like he’s in Beirut doing a Tony Robbins commercial.


This was a GREAT podcast and made me write something about the lonely nature if being a F1 USA fan in the past compared to now. Example, not necessarily F1, but Todd mentioning Trevor! As a guitar player, Steve Morse, Eric Johnson and Trevor Rabin have been my technical fretboard idols, and hearing Todd met Trevor and follows him was awesome, and reminds me that we are not alone in our F1 sport! LOL. Hearing Rabin on the 90125 tour, his ‘Can’t Look Away’ and his wonderful ‘Jacaranda’ album is just to good not to share. Guitarists out there who… Read more »