TPF Podcast #573- Azerbaijan GP Review

Join Paul and me as we review the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in our TPF Formula 1 podcast. We cover each F1 team as they finish, discuss that Red Bull crash and the blame forthwith, and we also cover the race awards and even answer some of your questions in our Mailbag section.


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Note to Todd: Recording stalled at 45:03 over here.


Grosjean: BS, MS, Ph.D.


You could definitely give the Donkey to the stewards for not picking up that piece of metal on the track.


Oh, I dunno…..seems that they did make some sort of progress with the chassis they’ve got now.

Peter Riva

Am I wrong? The Mercedes cars on the long straight never reached 320kph but everyone else (including the Williams) were over that. Downforce?

The International

Yes I’d think so, I think they are trying to make up for a lack of integral grip from the overall aero

sunny stivala

Google:- FIA formula 1 world championship. formula 1 2018 Azerbaijan grand prix qualifying season maximum speeds.


Ericsson was right behind those Merc’s, hitting them in the ass!


Eriksson is completely ineffable!

The Captain

I just wanna throw this out there since it keeps coming up everywhere. But SHOULD Danny actually go to Ferrari and is it really a step up from his point of view? Yes the car is faster and there is no Max BUT there is a clear #1 and #2 at Ferrari and unless Vettel is leaving does Danny really want to move to a faster team only to hold station if he’s faster? Does he really want his race strategy to be ‘block for Seb’? Yea Kimi is doing pretty good, but he’s been doing good in-spite of Ferrari’s… Read more »

Richard Wiseman

Hi Todd and Paul. Just a quick note to say thank you for answering my mail mailbag question.

Best wishes to you all.