TPF Podcast #574 – I think I bought F1 TV

It’s here! The TPF Formula 1 Podcast! Join Grace and me as we discuss the silent launch of F1 TV streaming service…so “over-the-top” it can’t be seen. We cover the NFL draft type thing that F1 needs in the off season or something like that or whatever. We discuss Alonso’s win and Ferrari thaw and much more.

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Richard L Bunce

NC, they took your advice….


Huxley tells me that the F1 TV audience last season was 352.3 million. Meanwhile the NFL audience for 2017 was 18.2 million. So if every one of those NFL fans also watch F1, 5.1% of the audience will have understood the analogy.


….and I’m one of those 5.1%. ;-)


Don’t they call that “fraud”?


In the parallel universe- the digital domain is fracturing the marketplace as we knew it. “New Media” has disrupted the traditional watershed and new content comes with a new caveat- how to connect the tributary to the river. I imagine that boxes like Apple TV and Roku follow a franchise model: there is a buy-in fee for modularity; software costs create a new threshold. Look at Directv Now: creates a new model with AT&T Wireless for cord-cutters, yet has no stand-alone cloud dvr service, lacks a user-friendly linearity to channel selection and remains subject to throttling depending on any individual’s… Read more »

Schumie Toronto

First of all, I like the idea of an off-season E-sport race or championship with the drivers, but do you really think that after a long and tiring F1 season, Kimi wants to be video game racing? AND don’t you think some wiz-kid wouldn’t be hired as a “Kimi stand-in” to race in Kimi’s place? I’d rather see them release a bunch of “behind the scenes” video footage and race footage from the just completed season. As for racing in Miami and “just another street race” – you just had the amazing street race at Baku, as an example of… Read more »

peter riva

Want to solve the problem with their web site? They should hire the only guys making tons of $$ on the Internet – the porn industry. Free views, enticements, trial subscriptions – monthly payments. By the way – for the tenth time, if one clears the browser history (AVG recommends weekly) – BANG go all the links to WordPress, etc. And then I cannot post to the site… again. Old password doesn’t work… WordPress wants a new one – you think you two are the only ones hating passwords? What a f**king bore passwords are. I have a list of… Read more »

Richard L Bunce


OK, so login in from F1 TV page seemed to be a problem but was able to login from then go to F1 TV… archive races pretty slim at this point… cannot wait for the 1981 season where the Lotus 88 ruled without racing.

Richard L Bunce

So English commentary of Bahrain 2018 is Sky announcers. They have an FX mode with no commentary… good to sync up with BBC Radio 5 Live… picture quality was very good. Did not watch long enough to see what happened when Sky announcers were not there. Tomorrow should be interesting.


Question for those that have F1 TV Pro. Regarding the race replays, like Baku 2 weeks ago, does it feel like a live race? In other words, can you select any in car view, see live timing and scoring, listen to driver audio, etc. I’m wondering if the replays are just the network feed or if you get all the bells and whistles of the live broadcast also. This is important for me as in the US there are a good number of races I simply don’t wake up early enough, or conversely stay up late for.