TPF Podcast #576 – McLaren, McLaren, McLaren

Join Grace and me as we discuss McLaren’s new owner, the old boss, their race director and their driver as well as their prospects at Monaco. We manage to discuss Mercedes and even read some mail from our TPF mailbag and offer a few award in the process.

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I just would like your opinion on why the spin on McLaren (Honda vs Renault) is so negative. I’m not a McLaren fanboy and can still see they are having a good year compared to previous years. I put a chart together to illustrate my point. McLaren haven’t seen a year like they are currently having since 2014. After round 5 they have 3 times the points as they did during all the Honda years combined. Also, they have more points after round 5 than they finished the season with in 2 of the 3 years with Honda. They are… Read more »


I didn’t expect McLaren to go after Red Bull. Where they are right now (mid-pack) is already just above what I expected, and I’m willing to call that “progress”.

Fred Daniell

Todd, I must apologize. Didn’t mean to work you up about F1 blog. That was not my point. I was referring to the F1 survey, not the forum. Totally agree with you regarding content, sorry I was not clearer and wound you up .

  1. Hello, Chase? I like my tires to run forever-and-ever Amen, so what makes you think that I want F1 tires to self-destruct?
  2. You can always “tweet” Ross.
  3. You want “Oh, shut up….and go change your armor.” (Yes, I saw THAT film.)
  4. Young? At 56, I’m not quite as young as I used to be.
  5. Okay, Fabio, I’ll concede that one to you.

I am Australian after all :-)


Tyres, Tyres, Tyres… I have to disagree with the idea of having just three compounds called ‘soft, medium and hard’ irrespective of whether they’re SS or Ultras etc. Here’s why, Say I’m watching race X, Daniel comes out on Softs, does 30 laps (because in reality they’re Mediums) and then has to pit because they’re worn out. Next time I’m watching race Y, Daniel comes out on Softs, and I’m thinking great, he can do 30 laps and beat Lewis, nope, he has to pit after 15 laps because in reality they’re SS tyres. I just feel it would be… Read more »