TPF Podcast #577 – Monaco GP Review

Join Paul and me as we review the TPF Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix review podcast…the most boring F1 race ever according to Fernando Alonso (we didn’t see it that way). We cover each team as they finished and share why we enjoyed this race and we even hand out a few awards and answer your Mailbag questions at the end.

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Tony Drake

Just listened to the podcast … before I watched my Indy 500 tape – my bad… serves me right – I know you spoil (not a criticism, as everyone knows you don’t spoiler alert other races), but mostily the bikes and other events are on non F1 weekends – indy is the only race I care about in indy… but my fault – and as an Aussie I got spoiled with the F1 too (thanks to a message from a ‘mate’) – I explained to my wife this is why I get up to watch Canada/Brazil etc at 2am- which… Read more »

jiji the cat

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie,….Oi! Oi! Oi!


In the impressively large catalog of boring F1 races I really didn’t think that was so bad. And for those that don’t know there are only two man-made objects that can be seen from space: The Great Wall of China and Larry Stroll’s checkbook

Fred Daniell

Just finished listening to the podcast. TOTALLY agree with you about the press. I was shocked that many even misinterpreted Daniel when he said he only used up to 6th gear as he only HAD six gears. I expect more.
In total agreement with you that tire made this round boring, not the track. As you noted long ago – tires are far too big a talking point in this generation of cars. Adding insult to injury – the marbles generated are turning tracking into a one-lane road!
Love the podcasts!


I haven’t listened to the podcast completely yet, but I also couldn’t believe that 6th gear thing wasn’t conveyed better it was obvious from the in car camera what was going on. Additionally, with statements from Horner as 25% power reduction and a problem with MGU-K… a total loss of the MGU-K is only ~16%, what else was going on. Come on press’ees, ask the obvious questions for us at least. Horner gave you everything you needed to ask more questions… With the rain light blinking and at the location it was blinking I’m thinking the MGU-K was regenerating vs… Read more »


Great podcast! 1/2 through and totally agree that Danny Ric racecraft and coolness managing multiple system issues underscores his mature skill-sets and he learnt young Max a thing or 2.

Schumie Toronto

I’m Canada’s BIGGEST F1 fan and I was really glad to see another Canadian in the series. I had hoped Stroll would do something anywhere near either of the Villeneuve’s .. I gave him the first season to get established and learn the ropes … BUT Thank-you for calling “Lance” (OMG really?) out! It’s as if F1 OWES him something! I mean we all know where the silver shovel was buried when the kid was born BUT Daddy’s billions aren’t going to save you kid! Like you guys said, no matter how you get there, F1 will spit you out… Read more »


Todd… just so you know, there hundreds of thousands of anti-cilantros out here. Tastes like hell. Don’t feel so alone. It’s the equivalent of kale in my book. Trendy crap that’s better left off of whatever it is they’re putting it on.

Tom Firth

Are a few Aussies in the Le Mans 24 this year but none in the LMP1 class. A few might score some class victories though, best bet is Ryan Briscoe in the Ford GT in the GTE Pro class who now has American citizenship too.


Slightly disappointed that you didn’t cover the big race taking place at the weekend :-)

and there was an Aussie taking part…


Every car at a fixed speed, like the suggested pit limiter, would not fix the gains or losses that occur during a VSC. The cars don’t decelerate/accelerate between race pace and the VSC speed limits in the same amount of time because they are at random points on the track. Cars near top speed when the VSC is deployed gain time because they cover a greater distance while slowing down relative to the cars that happen to be on slower sections of the track. The inverse also happens. Cars in slow corners, when the VSC is taken down, gain because… Read more »


Good post ETM, well thought through


Lotus 88 Detroit 1981 (my home greater metropolitan area.)

Ickx/Oliver Ford GT40 at LeMans 1969

Mark Donohue Porsche 917/30 CanAm Road America 1973

Chuck C

Williams FW15C
Nürburgring – Long course


That the argy-bargy mess of a Verstappen on Sainz pass at the Neuvo Chicane merited “pass of the race,” suggests to me that you consider occasionally not offering the recognition at all.