TPF Podcast #578 – Road Relevant

Join Grace and me for the TPF Formula 1 Podcast where we discuss the 2021 engine regulation negotiations, the matter of road relevancy, Toto’s vision, F1’s business model, MotoGP, Tires, tooth decay and much more.

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Regarding tires, the only thing I could think is if they put coloured bands that show how worn the tire is. However as it is now, I find it more interesting and more psychological. Is a driver rightfully complaining his tires are done? Does he really have 10 laps left in them? Plus it adds to the strategy of making a judgement call on both the team and the driver as to when to pit. I agree with Grace though that there needs to be more tire strategy involved, especially with just one manufacturer. Maybe let the teams decide which… Read more »


As my post was “Post of the Week” (thank you kindly, btw, that was really cool), I feel I should respond to what was said because I feel that Grace spoke about me as if I was an idiot. My post was challenging the cliche that “F1 must be road relevant”. I say it doesn’t. The response to that is “It must be road relevant because F1 needs the big car manufacturers to pay for the sport”. I say they dont. Where is it written that F1 is required to cost $350 million per year? Are we honestly saying that… Read more »


Congratulations on your post of the week, but I think you’re being a bit oversensitive to Grace’s response (which was the same as mine). To me it didn’t sound like she was talking about you like you are an idiot, it was just a typical snarky Grace rant. F1 has built itself up into a big expensive, spectacle, and it seems to thrive on spending big manufacturer money (now the big tobacco money is gone) and can’t see how to get along without big budgets. But that aside, do you find you have to justify your interest in motorsport? I… Read more »


Hey NC, can you clarify something for me? In the podcast you seem to be saying that F1 should have gone for a V8 engine and energy recovery system back in 2014, rather than the turbo V6 hybrid, with Mgu-H. But, we had a V8 with KER system from 2008 to 2013? I’m obviously missing your point somehow. But, in the context I’m thinking in, Wolff is right in saying going to a I.C.E and KERS energy recovery system is a step backwards, it’s already been done, the only difference is a twin turbo V6 rather than a n.a V8.… Read more »