TPF Podcast #579 – Canadian GP Review

Join Paul and me for this TPF Formula 1 Podcast as we review the Canadian Grand Prix. We cover each team as they finished, discuss the Hartley/Stroll collision, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff traipsing around Canada, McLaren’s struggles, Ferrari’s gains and much more. We even hand out awards and are damned if we could come up with a pass of the race. We try to inject some excitement into a race you called boring.

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Why do they keep talking about the tires? Because what other intangible is there really? They’re not going to run out of fuel. They’re not going to run out of brakes. Their aero stays the same throughout. So really what other talk is there to fill the gaps? Take a baseball approach and talk about the driver’s favourite foods? It’s unfortunate, but true.


Re: @0:06:58
Last year Mick Schumacher drove one lap of Spa in Michael’s 1994 Benetton B194.
Sons driving their fathers’ legendary cars is definitely a thing.


My take on fan “outrage” for boring races is that other than the Stroll/Hartley incident, there was not a standout move on track that sticks with the fans until the next race. If Lewis catches Ricciardo and challenges for position, then that moment may make the race worth it for some of those complaining. Even if he doesn’t end up making a pass, the attempt alone (hopefully it could be more than one over multiple laps) might sway some thoughts. I haven’t been watching as long as others but more often than not, a race seems to be deemed exciting… Read more »


While I don’t subscribe that there have been ‘boring’ races this year. I liked the Monaco GP but the Montreal race wasn’t as exciting as I had hoped for. From my perspective it seems that the races are ‘boring’ because the drivers don’t appear to be pushing. They seem to be happy with the positions as determined at lap one or pitstop one and thats it. Holding station seems to be the norm anymore with few adventurous enough attempt the odd pass. Bottas was reported to be close on fuel, how many believe he was topped off to the max… Read more »


Though there wasn’t much action, at least it was a close race. No one really walked away as per usual. If Vettle messed up, he was within reach. Maybe have a mandatory number of pit stops more akin to NASCAR or Indy? Or maybe change it so each team HAS to run all 3 compounds in a race? That’d make some interesting passing and strategies.