TPF Podcast #581 – French GP review

Join Paul and me for the TPF Formula 1 podcast race review of the French Grand Prix from the Paul Ricard circuit. We cover each team as they finished, each driver as they finished and all the drama that was turn 1, lap 1. We even hand out awards to the most worthy and read your mail on this exciting episode.

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david rinaldis

Love the PodCast…… but. Did Vettel damage Bottas’ floor pan? I thought the whipping tire did the damage. Isn’t that under Bottas’ control?


Don’t sweat it. Everyone has a brain fart every now and then. All good.

Schumie Toronto

That was such an excellent question on brakes, in the mailbag (sorry don’t remember who asked it). I’m P.O.’d at myself for not asking that very same question because I’ve thought of that before! Excellent response too from Paul and I can see why it’s a complex answer to it. One example I’d like to add is Michael Andretti! If you recall, he was excellent at racing in the Indy series back then, but came to F1 and couldn’t handle what was required on the brakes! I remember laughing hysterically watching him go off on the first corner of many… Read more »


Everyone is saying that Daniel was hampered by front wing damage and because of that he couldn’t hold on to third. On there is and article on it with pictures showing the damage, but (and i’ve got to admit my eyesight isn’t what it’s used to be) i don’t see it. So to me it seemed like really minor damage. How come Daniel was so much affected bit and Max took off almost half it’s front wing in spain and didn’t seem affected by it? Is that all down to track characteristics and setup?


It seems odd that RIC would suffer noticeably considering that Red Bull wasn’t aware of the issue until a visual during the pitstop noticed it. You would think if it was enough to effect his drive they would have picked it up on telemetry. But I would also think losing both of the inner upper elements would affect the balance of the car for the remainder of the race.


You’re right Daniel went for a high downforce setup (don’t know if it was with rain in mind) and Max went for a low downforce setup. As i understood from comments after the race (don’t know who’s it was) Daniel had more of an advantage at the start of the race, with high fuel load on the softer tyre. And Max had more of an advantage towards the end of the race on low fuel and the harder tyre.


PMR, the top couple of vanes went missing. He was literally driving with half a front wing.