TPF Podcast #583 – British Grand Prix Review

Join Paul and me as we discuss the Formula British Grand Prix on this TPF Podcast. We cover each team as hey finished, each driver as they skipped Parc Fermé and each incident that created drama in an exciting race at Silverstone. We hand out awards AND read your mail. It’s all here on the TPF Podcast #583!

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Haven’t listened to the pod cast yet, Todd. But I’m sure this extremely reasonable and well considered call from the manufacturers will set you off on a rant
And they plan to keep DRS too ;-)

Meine Postma

Man, you are mean :-)


Don’t shoot the messenger (even if he agrees with the message) ;-)


I completely understand, Todd. You’re not angry, just completely physically and emotionally drained.
I’m sure you’ll agree, this is Interesting tactics from their side. It’s hard to know if it is incompetence or deliberate.


I doubt we’ll ever see eye to eye on this Todd, but I know we’re both very interested to see what direction the 2021 regulations do end up taking.
L.M are doing a very good job of keeping the negotiations under wraps, so it’s likely we’ll all be surprised when the regulations are finally released, hopefully it will be a positive surprise.
I think the biggest issue has to be putting a cap on costs, and as the article says, that might mean keeping the amortised hybrid p.u’s, because its more cost-effective.


Regarding Maxs’ race comments on the speed of his Red Bull during the race, I had a look at the Maximum Speeds ( at each of the speed traps. For the most part he is significantly slower than Ricciardo. Has there been any mention of a problem on his car?

As a side note, Gasley was slower than Ricciardo at each of the 4 speed traps. Maybe that is due to the Toro Rosso being inferior aero wise, but regardless, Honda needs to up their game for next year or Red Bull are going to explode.


The two Red Bull’s were running different downforce levels in France and Austria, so this may have continued in Britain. Although from memory it was Verstappen who had the lower downforce/lower drag set up in the earlier races.