TPF Podcast #584

Join Grace and me for this TPF Formula 1 podcast as we discuss F1’s bloated calendar, Mercedes and their bloated management, Williams and their bloated problems. We answer your mail questions and even offer some awards.

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Please let Toto and Christian know that these engines suck. Thank you.

Jerime Wargo

Any time there is a change to a formula, engine or chassis, someone comes out of the gate with an advantage and the rest of the field is stuck playing catchup for the life of that formula. With the MGUH we are just now getting to the point where Ferrari powered cars are at, or near, the level of Mercedes. A change of formula will likely just lead to a repeat of what we’ve seen over the last 4 seasons, the only difference being that someone else my get it right first. If both the top and bottom of the… Read more »


“No two groups of people can agree on what they want the cars to sound like anyway.” Bingo. This is why it’s silly for them to intentionally mess with the sound in the first place. The cars have never been designed for sound, and they’ve sounded differently in different eras due to other engineering constraints. There isn’t any point in trying to satisfy someone’s nostalgia for engine sound, since you’ll just end up annoying the people who are nostalgic for the engine sound from a different era. F1 has enough awkward and arbitrary-seeming regulations in place without tweaking the engines… Read more »

jiji the cat

my team management staff: Flavio in a thong. The rest is superfluous.

But seriously id have james key, gordon murray, and ross brawn.


As a fellow Aussie I like Mark Webber, but saying that there’s too much access to the drivers is a bit rich considering that he’s now working as a reporter for CH4.

Also, having access to the driver/pit talks can make the racing more interesting, look at Monaco this year, without it, we wouldn’t have know that DR was having problems and the whole race would have been a lot more ‘processional’.


Regarding the Cyril Abiteboul and Mark Webber segments, I can’t help but think you two spent far too much time talking about what were likely off-the-cuff comments from each of them. Abiteboul’s statement clearly reads like someone having a mic put in his face and not having formed a strong, or well-considered, opinion. Also, he was asked this after a three-week run in which he and his staff worked very hard to finish only three times in the points (twice in France, once in GB). He claims that if the teams aren’t enthused then they can’t give an image of… Read more »


I’m surprised the teams have not pushed back on Liberty about adding more races. I thought the whole series was much better when the calendar had 16 races per season. Of course, the teams had open testing through the season. Now at 21 races and a few races scheduled back to back or consecutively over a short time span, it must taking a hard toll on team personnel, logistics and eventually, overall operating costs. I think scarcity increases desire and value and F1 is doing the opposite by adding more races.


Hi Todd and all,
If you have time to listen to another podcast, Autosport have released a cracker this week, an interview with Mario Isola Pirelli’s head of Motor racing. Lots of information about tyres, what F1 ask Pirelli to do, the infamous 7 compounds, the thin gauge tyres, etc etc, an excellent listen (right up there with TPF-584).