TPF Podcast #588 – Donkey’s and short shorts

Join Grace and me as we mine the three stories from this week’s summer vacation in Formula 1. What little news there was, we nailed. We even discuss donkey’s and short shorts along with F1 TV, McLaren and Williams and even get in to the Stoffel debate.

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“you got stolled…” is brilliant.


Dammit, if you can’t expect a young driver to beat one of the most singular driving talents in history of the sport in an epic shitbox that can’t get out of its own way on its best day, what CAN you expect?

This is like buying a dollar store steak and being disappointed that it’s not as good as Waygu Beef.

As for Force India, how about
Force Veruca?
Veruca Assault Racing?


sorry to say your letter to the web providers asking fro credit does not have the word “disappointed” at least 5 times. Then maybe they will get the message.

jason blair

A hot dog is not a sandwich. It’s a taco.

Now what if your bun breaks, and you turn the bun into two separate pieces of bread? Sandwich.

 Grace, change my mind.