TPF Podcast #589 – Aye, aye, aye…Alonso

Join Grace, Paul and me as we get the band back together and discuss the retirement announcement from Fernando Alonso on this Formula 1 podcast. We discuss his announcement, his reasoning for leaving and his replacement at McLaren. We discuss Lando, Stoffel, Carlos and even the Class B championship.

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Bye, Bye, Bye Alonso?

Tom Firth

Brilliant podcast episode, thanks all. I really enjoyed listening to this one. On the Indycar discussion, firstly my thoughts are with Robert Wickens and I hope he makes a strong recovery after Sunday’s horrific accident at Pocono. I’d also like to thank Indycar, Dallara and their safety team in making this car as safe as possible. Even if a better solution to catch fencing could be agreed on, the other problem is that Indycar doesn’t have the clout today to orchestrate huge change to oval safety by itself. It would need to as with the proliferation of the SAFER barrier… Read more »

The International

Hey Tom, yes i also meant the road course and street tracks with that statement, its a lot different, some drivers who come over enjoy the old world track feel of the indycar series, till maybe something goes wrong

Tom Firth

Hey Paul, Yep and to be honest I know a lot of fans including myself that also like that old world feel, more so on the road courses than street courses admittedly.

I know the road/street courses are FIA Grade 2 certified though.

Fred Daniell

Todd, love the podcasts. I find it ironic that F1 is so concerned about the “budget” of multi-billion dollar car companies providing engines, but seemingly dismissive of the budgets of the teams who operate at $100-300 million per year (including engines!). There is a lot of talk about the “DNA” of F1, but as a fan since the 70’s I don’t follow this argument. For me F1 is the fastest cars driven by the best drivers. It is NOT a lab for green tech or a platform for roadcar makers. Recall Enzo sold roadcars to race, not the other way… Read more »


The “L” might, just might, maybe, you know, stand for “Lewis”?

Just a thought.


Just me being a smartass.

Carry on.

jiji the cat

great cast as ever, refreshing to hear all 3 of you banter on. Cant wait for all 3 of you to cast again.

Schumie Toronto

YUP have to agree it was GREAT to have all 3 of you on the cast! Please do that again before the next 500 or so shows! I have to agree with you Todd – I’ve been watching Indy racing since about 1967 (at least the Indy 500) but other than the that race (which I can even do without) I don;\’t care for oval racing. Back then, like in 1973(?) I loved the death and gore of the 500 but I quickly got over that and have only watched road course races since then. I’m thinking that if ALO… Read more »


Hay Todd.
I like your podcast very much. I have followed it for years now.
But I don’t like the way you refer to drivers that you don’t like. Eks the way you treat Joyolyn Palmer, that’s bullying man.
He wasn’t given a good car or a team in good shape.
I just think the you a better than that.
Sorry I just had to get the of my theist.



I’m sure you right, and I’m not trying to call you out. I just think the with the reage you have, and the number of people that listen to you great show. It’s not smart to make fun of a man that gave it his best shot, and failed I might ad. I’m not a fan of Joyolyn, I am danish and it thrilled me when KMAG kicky he’s ass. But I think that the podcast he dose now, he really does a good job. He has actually experience. The same way we have Paul. But thanks for all the… Read more »


Surely the advantages of the top three teams is not so much the engine but the aerodynamics and how much they can invest in that department. I thought the engines from a manufacturer to client teams was meant to be the same.


Haven’t heard the whole podcast as yet, but great as always.
Just on the Sainz issue, I believe that he has been released from he RBR contract and that he was offered the RBR drive but turned it down as he didn’t want to be a No.2 driver to Max.

Daniel Vega

I couldn’t get past the first ten minutes of your inane chit chat. Get to the point!!!!