TPF Podcast #590 – Belgium GP Review

Join Paul and me as we review the Formula 1 Belgium Grand Prix on this TPF F1 Podcast. We review each driver and team as they finished and discuss the details of the race. Thanks to HALO, we survived this podcast.

We hand out a few awards and answer your mailbag questions.

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Michael Bertrand

I had to listen to the segment twice to believe what I was hearing. Arguing that the halo probably did nothing is wrong, based not only on video evidence from Hartley’s in-car but on expert opinion, namely one C. Whiting. Paul, using the justification of “it’s my opinion” is just baseless guess. It’s not because you have have an opinion (and here, opinions must be respected above all else) that it is right. Opinion does not change Alonso’s front right hitting the right side of the halo, while on a downward trajectory and being deflected above the cockpit area. Raising… Read more »

The International

well i’m sorry this one talking point has forced you to kick us to the kerb, but i’ll stick with my “opinion”(which as far as I know is a basis for a conversation) that car would not have hit his head in this case, i of course could be wrong but we will never know. for sure C Whiting is an expert but also not always right either, he has a lot of skin in this game and if there’s ever an oppourtunity to show it was the correct decision i’m sure he and the FIA will use it. If… Read more »