TPF Podcast #591 – Italian GP Review

Join Paul and me as we review the Italian Grand Prix in the TPF Formula 1 podcast. We cover each driver and team as they finished, discuss the Roggia chicane clash between Vettel and Hamilton, the Mercedes strategy, the pit lane dummy’s and much more. We even hand out awards and read your listener mail.

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Schumie Toronto

What the hell were Ferrari thinking, running Seb in front of Kimi in quali? They threw away the race right there! Loved your donkeys and gotta agree with Paul – why the hell wasn’t VER penalized for cutting the chicane on the first lap or whatever it was and then “I gave him room” … come on Max – do you believe your own B.S.? Lastly if OCON is out, there is something really wrong with F1! Can’t really say the same for VAN! O.K. one more – if Giovancrashi makes it and OCON doesn’t, I may stop watching this… Read more »


For me Pass of the race was Raikkonen on Hamilton after the restart. Without that pass we may not have had a race, just a high speed procession given how Hamilton pulled away from Raikkonen at the end of the race.

Tom Firth

Cheers for answering my question about track familiarity Todd & Paul. Sorry didn’t hear the podcast until now. Playing podcast catch up :-)