TPF Podcast #592 – Choose your adventure!

Join Grace and me this week as we play the all-time classic, choose your adventure…you know, those books where you could choose which path to take for an alternate ending? For this episode, we put Grace into the thick of things as the president of the FIA, CEO of McLaren and owner of Toro Rosso. Pitted against real-world news and decisions, what path will Grace choose? Listen and find out.

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Just on the ingenuity of the Tifosi at the Italian GP. I was there back in ’96, when Ferrari won for the first time since in many years. On the last lap, once Michael had crossed the finish line and other cars were still finishing, all the Tifosi are pouring onto the track, I see this dude with a fold up push bike (you know the type that folds in half), go under the fence and onto the track, unfold he bike and set it up, and proceeds to cycle to the the podium so that he can be up… Read more »


Five years to create a valid government survey, sounds about right. Vulture.


Loved the podcast this week. I think it brought in some great conversation topics surrounding F1. Grace should definitely replace Jean Todt ;)