TPF Podcast #596: Japanese GP Review

Join Paul (no, not Di Resta) and me as we review the Formula 1 Japanese Grand Prix. We cover each team and driver as they finished and share our thoughts on what happened at the #JapaneseGP. We hand out a few awards such as drive, pass and donkey fo the race and spend some time reading your mailbag questions.

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You know Kyle (from the mailbag) is quite right. It’s boring. There is some interesting developments in stake money down in 15th . Said nobody ever.
We’ve been through this 3 times now with Schmacher Vettel and now Hamilton And its got to finish. Otherwise F1 is done

Schumie Toronto

I watched a podcast, where they described ALO of not giving a crap about his car and PURPOSELY off-roaded his car after the Stroll incident! After watching it a few times, I tend to agree with them! He didn’t give a crap about the incredible amount of expense and effort it took to craft that floor and just drove the crap out of that car across the gravel!


Alonso actually went offroading TWICE in that spot. Another time he tried to take Hartley on the outside of the chicane entrance and there just wasn’t a gap there. Both times, he probably just decided that it was faster to cut over the gravel than to stop, make a sharp turn, let traffic through, and rejoin the track. He’s probably right about that, especially since drivers have been getting away with cutting corners and chicanes as long as they can argue they got forced out. Max got away with a huge shortcut in France when he darted off track to… Read more »