TPF Podcast #597: Liebender Lewis

Join Grace and me as we discuss this weeks Formula 1 news on the TPF Podcast #597. We discuss George Russell, Stoffel, loving Lewis, W Series, finding reasons to still love F1 and much more.

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I am excited for Williams this coming year! I wonder if restrictions on wind tunnel testing and sim testing affected their ability to understand the problem. I know restrictions cut costs but they also make it so if you screw up at the beginning you are hosed for the year. In addition, Sirotkin the Legend saved the Singapore grand prix, but they don’t show enough midfield battles. I don’t want to see the frontrunner saving tires for twenty laps!


“Embedded into F1, getting a deeper relationship with the sport…” nice idea, will never work. On your phone you can get more information about anything- any sport, any film, any TV – get more video (instant gratification IS the new medium). I think F1 can only succeed if it’s a free for all. That’s what it was in the ’60s – take off the controls, take off the thick-as-a-telephone-book technical bible controls, find a way to bring excitement back to the sport. It doesn’t matter if Mercedes is winning every race, it does matter that no one can innovate to… Read more »

Fred Daniell

Regarding W-Series, my questions is: I understand these are spec-F3 cars, but what tracks will they run? If they run the same tracks as guys, at similar times of year, then performance comparisons are possible. (which i hope is the case) If women can show they can lap as fast (or faster) than the guys then I have to believe opportunities will exist. If they run different tracks and make it hard to compare, then I think this will become yet another excuse. Your thoughts?

Tom Firth

I can answer these questions. The BRSCC (British Racing and Sportscar Club) will be the organising body and it is not an FIA sanctioned series. The series has been approved by the FIA as an international series at the recent WMSC meeting as is normal process so I wouldn’t read too much into it. It will be as a result included in the FIA International Sporting Calendar. In terms of the calendar, it was also confirmed that the series will be on the DTM support package and race at 6 of its 9 events specifically Hockenheim, Zolder, Norisring, Assen and… Read more »


Two things. 1: on my question about replacing Hartley, I appreciate that STR would be reluctant to have Ocon with his Merc ties, however, they didn’t seem to have an issue having DK back despite his Ferrari ties? 2: Keeping the young ones interested. I’m torn on this one, on the one hand I find that I’m more immersed in F1 now than ever, thanks to all the social media, podcasts, online articles, extensive TV broadcast of the weekend etc. that we it comes to the actual race, it sometimes is a bit of a ‘let down’. On the other… Read more »


Loved your discussion of the cable cutting mess. I tried the same thing, but my “Waterloo” was the commercials; I am an expert on skipping those with a TiVo remote and alas, that is impossible for most Internet streams and very awful to attempt with the ones that do allow for some FR/FF remote control action. Meanwhile, as I added up the costs for an Internet-centric range of networks and shows I was saving less then $20 per month. I had less flexibility, more wonkishness, and the commercials. So I crawled my silly ass back with just a few minor… Read more »