TPF Podcast #599: Mexican GP Review

Join Paul and me as we discuss the Formula 1 Mexican Grand Prix on this F1 Podcast. We cover each team as they finish and chat about Lewis Hamilton’s 5th world championship. We discuss the tires and impact they had on the race and much more. We even hand out a few awards…as always.

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Interesting discussion regarding the effects of altitude on the cars in general. Even more appropriate would be term density altitude which gives you a value of air density in comparison to sea level (in standard conditions, 15C/59F, 1013.25mb/29.921Hg, 0% RH). So while the race track is at 2,285m (7,497ft), the atmospheric conditions on sunday actually had the density altitude at 2,881m (9,452ft). The relative air density in these conditions was ~75%. So you are missing ~25% of the air that you would have at sea level. Without the turbo the ICE power/aero efficiency would be reduced by ~25%. With the… Read more »


I do wonder if Red Bull’s advantage in Mexico wasn’t mainly aerodynamic rather than having similar power to the opposition. Every team had the maximum wing angles allowed by the regulations, trying to produce sufficient downforce. For most teams this wasn’t enough to stop the tyres sliding, and wearing too fast. Mercedes certainly mentioned that they couldn’t switch any of the tyres on all weekend. It wasn’t that they were too soft, it was that most cars couldn’t put sufficient load through them to heat the whole carcass rather than just the surface of the tread. Red Bull however, with… Read more »