TPF Podcast #600: The Wine & Cheese show

Well, we’ve done it. We’ve recorded 600 of these podcasts and unlike the others, this one is egregiously long and includes our Google Auto-fill F1 answers game, our F1 version of the Proust Questionnaire and talk of cheese and wine. We’ve threatened to make a cheese and wine episode and this is as close as we’ve gotten but fret not, we also talk F1 from 30,000 feet.

We are incredibly grateful for all your support over the years and most importantly to our Patreon supporters who make all of this possible. “Get in there, TPF!”


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I wish the F1 moto was “sometimes it’s boring” if they had that then all this DRS/HD tyre bs could be dropped.

On a more interesting note, perfect cheese board has to be: nice bluey stilton, classic cheddar, baked camembert + crusty bread(can’t believe that didn’t get a mention), something soft like a garlic boursin and the aforementioned wildcard maybe a chilli cheese or a Wensleydale. Plus a nice glass of port on the side. Once it’s been cleared away a nice cognac and a sleep/inevitable heart attack.

Tom Firth

Shouting Albers loudly gets odd looks apparently ;-) On the bit about F1’s name… Dave will tell me if I’m wrong but pre war in the days of the AIACR (precursor to the FIA) You had Grand Prix cars and Voiturettes. Post war in 1946, after the AIACR was replaced by the FIA, the Commission Sportive Internationale (CSI) decided to form regulations as Formula A (Replacing the pre war Grand Prix formulas) and Formula B (replacing the Voiturettes) A & B would at some point in the 4 years after become Formula 1 and Formula 2 before the world championship… Read more »


Perhaps that’s the answer Todd is looking for, wait until the manufacturers pull out of building F1 power units, leaving just Ferrari. Then the world championship will have to be held to F2 regulations (lower cost, limited aero and simpler engines).

Tom Firth

Hehe, perhaps. He’s more likely to get a FISA/FOCA type war first though between the manufacturers and the constructors :-)

Tom Firth

NASCAR = American motorsport to quite a lot of the general public here too by the way. It’s irritating, as is oval racing is easy – its just going round and round in circles…


If you want American racing there is no better than figure 8… in a school bus… with a blindfold, radio and spotter!


As someone with Greek heritage I do like feta with watermelon. Salt and sweet, goes well; also haloumi saganaki.
And I do like monchego. Here’s to another 600.


What is “the parc ferme”?

A place where Hass get disqualified.
A gentlemen’s club.
The drop off point for Ferrari technical manuals.

Just an awesome place to engage in everything F1


Is this really the 600th episode? I mean, you went through a name change, should you keep all those old records as a new entity!? (think Racing Point Force India) Congrats on the 600th episode. I haven’t been here the whole time but what I have been able to enjoy has been top notch! Hope to see you in 600 more. An idea on your historic podcasts (I hope that was discussed in this podcast!). Could you create a second account solely for historic content. That way you could load that historic stuff in chronological order. Just an idea, I’ve… Read more »


Thanks for the cheese and wine tips. They came in handy at the food and wine festival in Epcot!

The Captain

I actually wanted more wine and cheese. At least a good IPA argument.

Great podcast ya’ll!


Is that the five minute argument or the full half hour?