TPF Podcast #604: Williams, ‘W’ and Vanishing Racing Point

Join Grace and me as we discuss former Williams driver Sergey Sirotkin, Williams F1’s new driver, Nicholas Latifi, Lance Stroll’s new team, Racing Point whatever and midfield teams sucking. We offer our awards and even read your mail.

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Tom Firth

Wow, just wow…the bit when Todd says his name idea of Racing Point.

I’ll not spoil it for anyone who hasn’t heard that great moment yet!


I’ve heard you butcher the draft/dirty air explanation multiple times, and I’m the guy screaming (silently) at my headphones. But this time, you nailed it. Well done sir.


Latifi bought his reserve role for top dollar. The Latifi family has far more money than the Strolls and could buy any and all teams in F1 but they are a more subtle bunch.

Matt Swiatlowski

I’ve just started listening and love the show!
In regard to the discussion on regulation changes and making the competition more level. What are your thoughts on bringing back the 107% qualifying rule, or reversing the starting grid like the second race in F2?

Matt Swiatlowski

This is true regarding the 107 rule. I feel the reverse grid will still produce the winner in a convincing fashion, provided there is an equality of car performance. Great show again! Helps me manage my commute! I will be contributing to the cause!

Rilen M

You guys really nailed with regards to the AI graphics. The whole point of onscreen graphics is to engage the users, and bring them closer to the sport. There are two ways that the current proposals could go and both of them will have a negative impact on the viewing experience The AI predictive algorithms will be completely wrong (quite likely based on my current experience with AI driven technology and the farce that was F1TV) and therefore will end up confusing new viewers and just annoying more experienced fans. It will become white noise at best and a nuisance… Read more »