TPF Podcast #605: Big data, loopholes and HALO’s

Join Grace and me as we discuss Formula 1’s artificial intelligence, 2019 regulation loopholes that could see Williams beat Mercedes and the glory of the HALO as evidenced by a report. We even hand out awards and talk about things you’d rather not talk about. Grab a pint and join us at the bar because we’re talking F1!

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So, Vettel’s going for the “Snidely Whiplash” look, I see.

Trever Braun

If the FIA starts putting predictions in the coverage–serious predictions based on the data which all the teams don’t have access to–the FIA will become a participant in the Race itself. They will be injecting data points into the other team’s decisions. They should use this to focus the race coverage–which cars to have on the screen and what graphics to put up–but the data and models behind it need to be closely guarded and held as privileged information. Here’s how this will work: It’s naive to think that the team won’t be latching onto those predictions and using them… Read more »


Personally, I’m not a fan of “information overload”.


So, let’s see. Death by headshot or death by fire. Pick your poison. “Choose the method of your execution”.


Renault becomes the latest victim of an identity crisis. :P


“Lozenge” is an old heraldic term for that diamond.


Anyone found the video of Kimi’s stages of drinking spliced together?