TPF Podcast #606: Choose your adventure!

Join Grace and me as we run down this week’s Formula news but we do so in our F1 gameshow format of “choose your adventure”. Yes, it’s the F1 gameshow that pits your “thought-broker” skills against the F1 men and women who matter.

Play along with us and see if your thought-leadership matches those of such F1 luminaries as Toto Wolff, Pirelli, and Ross Brawn.

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Toasted ravioli??? What the fu…. no, actually don’t elaborate, some things are best not known.

BTW if Grace is confused by Brundle, she should try and go back and watch some of the 500cc bikes when Barry Sheene was commentating, now that, was confusing. Awesome, but confusing.

Puhadada Jensen

About which decade had the best drivers you are wrong. The Best drivers ever are the ones who is in the seats now. Generely speaking. The same for all sports. It is called traning.