TPF Podcast #609: F1 New Year’s Resolutions

Join Paul and me as we offer our 2019 F1 New Year’s Resolutions for each team and driver. What should be Nico Hulkenberg’s resolution? What about Romain or Sebastian? You’ll have to listen to find out.

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Schumie Toronto

“Bin of bobbles for Merc to pick from” – Awesome N.C.!


Just catching up on the podcasts now that I’m back to commuting back and forth to work. Happy to report that we’re all still alive and well in Australia, we’ve survived the crocs, drop bears, jellyfish, octopuses, spiders and all another manner of fauna that we are co-existing with.

Tom Firth

Bathurst, Phillip Island, Adelaide street circuit, Albert Park. It’s not all bad!


Ah Bathurst, went there about 20years. Got there about two hours after the race had started and all the bogans (rednecks I think you’d call them) were already drunk and passed out.
Never went back.
Went to the Adelaide GP, saw Senna, Mansell’s tyre blow up and DC crash going into the pit lane (different years of course).
Been to Albert Park a few times, heading there again this year.
Phillip Island I’ll do one day.