TPF Podcast #610: The Downforce Simulation Show

Join Grace and me as we discuss Franz Tost’s call for 50% less downforce and Pat Symond’s hearty response along with overtaking simulation work on circuits and Daniel Ricciardo’s lack of speed compared to Max Verstappen…according to his former boss.

Oh, and don’t blame us, even Sam Bird thought it reflected poorly on Formula E to call Max’s attendance a ‘service’ towards his punishment.

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Catching up on podcasts on my commute, this will be the fourth TPF podcast in a row. Making the commute back to work a lot easier.


Would have been a great birthday present (turned 57 today), but I suppose I’ll have to wait a little bit (and do some tracking and writing). Somehow, I do not believe that Charsley is going to say “BOOGGITY BOOGGITY BOOGGITY!!!” I couldn’t believe that Tost was actually brave enough to say all that, but I guess I was wrong. However, one has to look at who gains and who loses by this proposal. From what I see, I would think that the Big Three (Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull) would lose and everyone else (Toro Rosso, McLaren, Williams, was-Force-India-now-Racing-Point-having-an-identity-crisis, etc.)… Read more »

Heath Newland

I for one would love to have Paul doing the Boogity , boogity Boogity!!!! it would add so much to the pod along with a Get down!! and a its a shitbox!!!! on reduction of downforce, errm haven’t we been down this road before with the grooved tires and everything and really all we saw was a dramatic increase in the amount of spending on wind tunnels and cfd and the like that massive increased the cost, as it cemented the engineering grasp on the sport. the only way you can follow some one round a corner if you are… Read more »

Mark Walker

As to the wake simulator to help redesign tracks: Could you use it to reverse engineer the vehicles? Current track setups but see what design of car would produce the desired aero? During the podcasts you mentioned they had to input info on tires etc to see the current wake and the effect of changes. What if you looked the other direction?


Good Podcast…This message is for both you and Grace…she will love the MotoGP streaming program and, with the addition of ex racer Simon Crafar as the pitlane guy, the coverage has transformed and is excellent…and, yes, you can still hear Nick Harris in the archived content. The WRC streaming is the real bargain because, for 8 bucks a month, you can enjoy this giggling all the way to the bank!! You get preview, all three days, various special tests and a review as well. This is the best bang for your buck…amazingly cheap but not cheap looking. The coverage for… Read more »


I think the real elephant in the room is not reduced aero by itself, it’s the consequence of redcued aero: reduced lap times. The leadership of F1 seem to believe that Formula One must far surpass the pace of the WEC and Indycar at all times. Even to the detriment of good racing. I think the whole “aero weight” miscommunication was a casualty of the 24 hour news cycle. In the rush to post to the internet, writers forego simple proofreading either their rushed typing or reliance on speech-to-text. But that did give me an idea. What if you coupled… Read more »


That is Heikki’s wife BTW, she’s called Catherine I think.