TPF Podcast #611: The TPF Stock Watch

Join Grace and me as we deliver the show our Patreon supporters created. YEs, our dear friend Paul K. has written our outline and we’ve added a few stories and embellishments to present this week’s show your your listening pleasure. Williams issues? Brexit? Schumacher and Todt? It’s all here.

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That’s right, Charsley for the Rolex 24 at Daytona, me for NASCAR’s Daytona 500. ;-)


Strictly speaking, shouldn’t we refer to you as PK Jr?

Schumie Toronto

OMG! I almost spit out my beer when Grace said “Vijay Mallya – livin’ the life!” Good one Grace!

Heath Newland

those shoes look like Jorge has blundered into a multiple homicide and now is hearing the police sirens


Regarding which teams have written to Motorsport UK about BREXIT. Ferrari and Toro Rossi are based in Italy racing under an Italian licence; Sauber is in Switzerland racing under a Swiss licence; Red Bull although in the UK races under an Austrian licence; Mercedes although in the UK races under a German licence; Renault although in the UK races under a French licence; Haas has a base in the UK (alongside Italy and USA) but races under a USA licence. That leaves just McLaren, Williams and Racing Point racing under a UK licence (and Force India were previously racing under… Read more »

Tom Firth

Did Force India ever race under an Indian license? I don’t recall.

Whilst the others race under various licenses, most of them based in Britain as I’m not sure about Haas receive or have received R&D tax credits from HMRC and I think Liberty got a rather sweet deal too I seem to recall reading from a Forbes article.

I know that is not related to them writing to the ASN about Brexit but the government does support F1 teams UK investment in some ways.