TPF Podcast #612: Stupid Money

Join Grace and me as we present this week’s TPF Formula 1 podcast. This week we talk about Daniel Ricciardo’s salary, F1 for sale, Nico Hulkenberg’s letter of recommendation and Turkish operas.

Fashion Award Winner:

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Ben Norris

R.E. the fashion award, Lewis did a commercial where he was old Lewis last year for Allianz. It must be another one of those this year.

Your thoughts and ideas were WAY better and funnier. Fiction is better than life in this case.

Fast Freddy

Darn I thought I was going to be in fashion finally.


Also re: the fashion award.
I thought he was going to make a guest appearance on here:

Schumie Toronto

OMG! That’s SO BAD!

Schumie Toronto

First of all, as a Computer Science student in about 1987, I bought a 14.4 modem for my Atari 800 computer so that I could do programming at home. OMG so primitive compared to today! Next was that Grace reading your Alternate Reality mind with the Christine Albers reference? WTH? My A.R. is Lawrence Stroll buys Force India and Lance says “so when do I get to drive my new car”? And Lawrence’s response is “Oh I didn’t buy the team for you, I bought it to keep Ocon in a job”! As for the Lewis Hamilton Fashion Award, yes… Read more »