TPF Podcast #613: Spotter at the Rolex 24 in Daytona

Join Paul and me as we unpack his weekend of being the spotter for the WRT/Speedstar/Audi Sport/Audi Canada team during last weekend’s Rolex 24 race at Daytona. We discuss the team, what it’s like to be part of a terrific team and the details of being a spotter for 24 hours straight.

The Team:

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Tom Firth

Hey, loved the podcast. Was really interesting to hear Pauls perspective of spotting at Daytona, particularly around identifying the car and the different drivers reaction. I have a question too. Was it noticeable how differently Van Der Linde drove the car to Freddie Vervisch particularly in the wet? The reason I ask is Freddie came through the usual route to sportscar racing which is single seaters and then a switch across into sportscar racing whereas Kelvin took a path of VW scirocco’s in South Africa and then basically a tin top route of those into Audi and into GT racing… Read more »

The International

Hey Tom, Yes for sure Kelvin is more methodical and Freddie was more of an attacker which makes sense with the single seater and now WTCR which are more sprint formats. In the end both would take it to the front, Freddie would just use more arms and elbows to do it. As i said on the podcast Kelvin was really good at protecting himself for the faster cars and making sure they went by where it was best for him. which helped him separate form his fellow GT3 competitors

Tom Firth

Thanks Paul, well done to the team on their promotion to the podium.