TPF Podcast #614: The TPF F1 Trivia Challenge

Join Paul, Grace and me as we compete against you in the TPF Formula 1 trivia challenge. Get your pencils handy and compete against the team of Paul and Grace and you match wits with them  on over 20 F1 related questions. It’s on the honor systems so try your hardest not to search for answers and let’s see how you do.

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places left hand on bible, raises right hand< I swear that the following testimony shall be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth…

Only five. I suck.


In that case, if I gotta suffer under the Trivia Challenge, then he has to suffer through playing Overwatch.

Captain K

5 wrong, got the zolt! But not larini, inoue, and button’s first podium plus 2 others i can’t remember #old guys rule!

Schumie Toronto

NC – That was a great idea but .. the questions were tough! I actually got 9 of the first 20 (with a little help from Paul’s pondering). DAMN Paul is good! ZOLT? Blundel? Give me a break! Obviously PAUL LAID OFF THE WEED IN THE 70’S! But come on NC! Nicola Lorini? Fuji ’76? Question 8 – Rodrigues bros.? WHO CARES! You killed me with that one!


Wow! You guys hit the trifecta in Podcast #614: entertaining, informative and hilarious! I think the chemistry is great when all three of you are together on the ‘cast, so as your plans and schedules allow, more please!

PS-Thanks for the Post of the Week shout-out. That story is STILL developing….


I liked the quiz. More of them please, clearly you have a lot of time on your hands ;-)

Pretty sure Alfa was sponsored by Marlboro at the same time as McLaren, I remember it being hard to pick between the two.


How can you forget this?