TPF Podcast #615: C**p Quote Monday

It’s here! Join Grace and me for the C**p Quote podcast where we run down this weeks quotes in Formula 1 and Grace ranks them 1-10. Who needs a Grammarly sub and who is their own marketing firm? You’ll find out here.

Fashion ward Winner:

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“We look for things. Things that make us go.”

-Mission Winnow

  1. So, Mission Winnow is like Seinfeld: It’s all about nothing.

  2. So, basically, Toro Rosso just said “We’re a bunch of suckers and we like it that way”.

  3. ….or you could go the Monty Python route: Take a fake foreign language translation book and start spouting off offensive sexual innuendo while acting as if you didn’t have a clue as to what you just said.


To the fashion award……throw a hood on Bobbie K and you have Emperor Palpatine! Coincidence???????? I think not.

Fast Freddy

Sponsors shirt, blue jeans and tennis shoes. Now that’s fashion I can get into.


Just finished listening to Podcast #615, “C**p Quote Monday.” Next on the agenda: start a #GoFundMe account to keep Grace supplied with champagne.


The Mission Minnow mission reminds me of this Dilbert cartoon;


Seasick Steve not ‘bluesy’ enough?


Translating ‘mission winnow’ into Japanese, then Hindu before back to English gives:
Now win a mission.


I know I’m late to the game here, I fell behind. But the alfa logo is 100% a man getting eaten by a serpent. From their website, they took the symbol of the Visconti Serpent along with something else that’s not important right now. Google image the Visconti Serpent, you are vindicated Grace.