TPF Podcast #616: The F1 Car Launch Special

Join Grace and me as we review each new car livery for 2019 and we grade the paint. Yes, we give you our grades for the liveries in 2019. Who got an “A”? Who got an “F”? You’ll have to listen to find out. We also update you on day one of 2019 testing from Barcelona.

Fashion Award Winner:

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Schumie Toronto

Hey NC – I know it’s not a “fashion Award” type picture, but for a Car Launch Special podcast, I would have thought you would have chosen this pic.

I know how much you and Grace like a good old “tire sitting” picture and this is the only one from this year’s launches that I can remember seeing. When I first saw it, I was instantly drawn to Vettel’s feet! WTH? He has either turned into a duck in the off-season, or he was trying his best to show off the team’s footwear sponsor!

Schumie Toronto

OK about the tire sitting thing … I hadn’t heard the podcast yet. But – I said this a few days ago and no comment on Vettel’s feet? Come on folks!


RE: Rokit, more like ‘Broke It’.


RE: Fashion Award.
He looks like he’s dropped his phone and is thankful the screen didn’t break.


Mission Winnow – Feels inspired by “At BASF we don’t make the products you buy, we make the products you buy better.”

RBR should probably never tweet a response to Rich Energy. That is exactly what RE is trying to achieve, public acknowledgment as legit by their perceived competitor.

Fashion Award – Remember Alien Chestburster?

Schumie Toronto

Uh doesn’t anyone see Lance Stroll’s horrible “mop” looking like early Keanu Reeves on a bad hair day? I mean, the kid can afford an expensive stylist! And he looks like the greasy kid that sat beside me in school, in grade 8, in 1973!

Can you see the difference? Me either!


I’m loving the Mclaren orange and blue. It’s bright and cheery, reminding me of the Honda Earth Dream livery.

Nothing says: ‘In the death-throes and ready to be taken over by a miracle working engineer who’s taken two years away from the sport,’ like a bright colour scheme.

They might call it Lowe Point.