TPF Podcast #618: Get off my lawn, F1

Join Grace and me as we discuss combined testing results, Merc’s front wing, waning prize money, and reveal who we’d cut from the Sky Sports F1 broadcast team. I even go on a rant about suspending everyone’s belief and ignoring obvious truisms about F1 only to watch it come full circle and then act like none of it was ever said or that nothing happened. I just bit my tongue and never got on board and saw this coming a mile away so I won’t be privy tot the mop-up crew marginalizing the concerns I had two years ago.

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So much to say about this week’s podcast. Fashion award winner with Lewis. Err Spiderman! How could you miss that! Sky Sport’s commentary team. I agree 100% with your picks, it was very weird as you were calling your picks, it was like I was playing the lottery and my numbers were coming up. Just how many comedy segments do we need with Herbert? Nico will only be there to be asked ‘just how good is Lewis?’. Karun?? Really, may as well get Jolyon Palmer! Bobby K…… ummm…… I know his fans will disagree with me, but really, he’s only… Read more »


Here is my team predictions for next year. (sorry Grace, I am using 4 buckets) 1. Ferrari 2. Mercedes Leclerc will help Vettel push Ferrari to greatness but small on track mistakes will give the slight edge to Hamilton. Bottas will still be off form giving Ferrari the edge in the constructors championship. If his form is off more, expecting Ocon to have more than a few Friday practice. —– 3. Renault 4. Red Bull This is hard to call and can go either way. Honda and Renault will be about the same engines. I think Red Bull will have… Read more »

Terry Buschmann

Love your and Grace’s podcast. Here is a video that could explain a little about why hands can be left on a steering wheel in an accident, see you next wed Terry


I always chuckle to myself when you guys talk about Martin Brundle’s strange comments because I always think of this passage from Steve’s book. “‘I just can’t drive it, Pat, it’s way too stage-coachy!’ ‘Sorry, I think I missed that, Martin, say again.’ ‘It’s way too stage-coachy, we’ll have to do something.’ ‘Sorry Martin, did you say “stage-coachy”?’ ‘Yes, you know, much too like a stage-coach!’ ‘Yes, I understand that stage-coachy must mean taking on the characteristics of a stage-coach, Martin. It’s just that I haven’t got the faintest idea what on earth you are talking about!'” If Pat Fry… Read more »

Anthony A

I wanted to finally weigh in on Martin Brundle’s “donkey legs”. From what I understand, he said something to the effect of “Driver A should treat Driver B like the hind legs of a donkey” if Driver A is behind driver B. A good example of this might be when Lewis was trying to pass Max in the final stages of last year’s USGP. You want to stay clear of the hind legs of a donkey for obvious reasons much like Lewis was giving Max a wide berth to avoid the possible consequences of Max’s historically fierce defending. Martin Brundle… Read more »