TPF Podcast #619: 2019 F1 season predictions

Join Paul and me as we review each team and driver pairing and give our thoughts on the Formula 1 season ahead in 2019. We share our thoughts on all the teams and even contemplate driver clashes and suggest key elements to look for in the 2019 season.

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Having read the reports on the preseason testing, I’m thinking that this is how it’s going to end up this year:

1. Mercedes
2. Ferrari
3. Red Bull
4. Alfa Romeo / Sauber
5. McLaren
6. Toro Rosso
7. Renault
8. Haas
9. Racing Point
10. Williams.

Tim C

NC – I agree with you. I don’t believe Merc is in as bad of shape as we are led to believe by the media. But, we shall see what happens this weekend.

Toby S

You mention Claire Williams. Paul mentions that Frank was stepping back at the time that Claire joined. This reminded me of an interview with Claire shown in the film “Williams: Formula 1 in the blood” as I don’t think that Frank wanted Claire there. My transcription (excuse mistakes): 57:22 Interviewer: So, your father is an icon when it comes to Formula 1. Was it hard to prove your skills because you’re a woman, or because he’s your father?” Claire: “Erm, Formula 1, this role was not my ambition from a little girl. However, kind of, circumstances changed and a job… Read more »