TPF Podcast #621 The Upside Down in F1

Join Grace and me as we unravel the reality from the alternative reality in this week’s headlines. That’s right, we go deep in to the Upside Down. What did Toto really mean when he said Mercedes would like a cost cap and for the small teams to cap us? We debate that here.

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Jim Crowley

Love that you brought up Ted and Karun. I liked Ted and held no opinion of Karun before the race. I didn’t start watching F1 until 4 years ago, so I only knew about Karun because you mentioned he’d be joining the Sky team in a previous podcast. Initially, I was fine with his coverage during practice, but then it happened, I formed an opinion and I wanted Ted back! I can’t recall which garage he was in, but Karun started talking about how he’d found some interesting brake developments and this particular car had two different sets of brakes… Read more »

The Captain

Haven’t finished the podcast yet but wanted to add to the speculation. The rumors I read are that the new Sky Sports head Scott Young doesn’t like Ted. So he kinda ‘soft fired’ Ted by just not including him in the broadcast team. This left Ted scrambling for a gig and did a quick negotiation with F1TV to do anything. But the fan blowback was more than Scott Young thought (or cared to think) would happen so they kinda back peddled in the press releases just to appease fans and tap down the outrage, even though Teds status with sky… Read more »