TPF Podcast #623 worth 1,000 words

Join Grace and me as we help celebrate Formula 1’s 1,000th grand prix. We share some fun stats with you and then visit the 100-race milestone’s in F1’s race to 1,000 grands prix. We even hand out a few awards.

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John Waterworth

200,000 miles might seem impressive to Racing point but my citroen panel van went past that some five years ago.
I’m also past the one thousand times round the London M25 orbital. ( that’s beltway to you folks. )


Thanks for the shout out, NC! Just Joe, I don’t need no stinkin last name!!! Happy birthday Grace, and I for one welcome the almost threatening sounds of young George Russell. It is noted that he drove the Merc, not Ocon, in testing. And maybe he’ll even get along with PATRICK HEAD!!!