TPF Podcast #624 Chinese GP review

Join Paul and me as we review the FIA Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix. On this podcast, we review each team and driver as they finished and discuss all the happenings at F1’s 1,000th race…so called. We even hand out some awards just to make it fun.

Brought to you by Kinsgbridge BCP.

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First let me say that for me I am all for team orders. The emphasis is after all the constructors championship. However, I don’t see why Ferrari are continuing to back VET and not the WCC. “Team orders”, more like VET orders recently, have been in play for 3 of 3 races now with one of course being ignored but VET is only 1 point ahead of LEC in the WDC. But Ferrari have taken a loss overall of 2 points in the WCC and LEC could have been ahead of VES. All assuming outcomes remained more or less the… Read more »

Anthony A.

Thank you for the podcast and congratulations with the title sponsor. Have you noticed the increased content we have been getting with ESPN this year via Sky’s broadcast? Starting this season, as far as I know, we have 30 minutes of “Welcome to the Weekend” on ESPN3 (online) on the Thursday of the race weekend, providing interviews with some of the drivers and any information learned after the last race. We also have an hour of “Pit Lane Live” on ESPN3 which is the lead up that is immediately followed by our normal “On the Grid” on a broadcasted ESPN… Read more »

Anthony A.

Thanks for letting me know. In a way, it’s fortunate that we got the commercial-laden 2018 Australian Grand Prix. Otherwise, there would have been less backlash if they had an ESPN host to fill us in after every commercial from the start of the season, much like Steve Matchett’s role for Fox’s Formula E coverage. It’s still obtrusive, but I don’t think many people would have been too upset considering it would have been more or less the same situation as what we had with NBCSN.