TPF Podcast #635 French GP Review

Join Paul and me as we review the Formula 1 French Grand Prix. We try to pack all of the excitement, thrills and spills of the French GP into one podcast and we worked very hard to do so. We even have a few awards to had out as well.

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Hiran Perera

this has been one of the least entertaining seasons i’ve watched in more than a decade. f1 needs to do something they will lose fans if this keeps up, this is worse than the schumacher era


Poor Checo has lost a point on his license – I think that is really unfair.

Big Bopper

Here is an idea… Why not say to the drivers ‘no penalties for taking both wheels out of track limits, just get around the track any way you like, use the fastest lines, escape roads, grass verges, take out bollards if you like just drive hell for leather to beat the guys around you’. Then if a driver does gain an advantage from doing any of the above have a panel of stewards investigate to assess if the track was poorly designed in that area. F1 has limitless resources of highly paid clever people who should be designing racetracks to… Read more »