TPF Podcast #626 Azerbaijan GP review

Join Paul and me as we review the Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix from Baku. We cover each team and driver as they finished, not just the top 3, and we share our thoughts on the race as it unfolded. Sure, you can skip team you don’t care about but where’s the fun in that?

Formula One World Championship, Round 4, Azerbaijan Grand Prix, Baku, Sunday, 28 April 2019

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Rijk van Wel

THANK YOU Todd for wording your Mercedes conspiracy theory! I feel exactly the same way! I feel they are just holding back to create the illusion of competition. Toto’s comments are the most ridiculous. Just own it if you are dominant. But I think this is all part of their competitive play; they know drastic changes will be made if everyone realizes the level of dominance they have and will probably continue to have. The best indication of this is how little reliability issues we’ve seen the last years, from *any* Merc engine, including customers. I am at the point… Read more »


I completely agree with you and NC. Mercedes is just toying with the rest of the field this year. You could even see it where whenever someone got with 2 seconds they turn the wick up and set a new fastest lap.

I wonder when the last time a constructor had 4 back to back 1-2 finishes? I don’t remember that ever happening in the Red Bull domination. Maybe in the Schumi days?


Yawns …. Mercedes calling Wolf and few times too many.


I mean, Merc have been down playing their chances for quite a few years now. How can the press still be fooled by it(?)


I found myself watching MotoGp clips while this race was on.