TPF Podcast #627 Tired or Tyred

Join Grace and me as we discuss the Formula 1 news of the week which you will be very happy to know is about tires. To be fair to other topics, there is news about Williams, Alonso, Ferrari and more and we cover that too.

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Oh no! I was incorrect about the fashion award!


“Phalanx of boffins!!!!” I am fulfilled!! Thank you NC!


Oh, I also figured out what Claire was trying to say. They have to get all the parts fixed that were illegal, ie the suspension, and they need a bunch of those, as well as the floor and rear wings and front wings, so now they can produce the upgrade. On another site they didn’t say on the shelf, but on the drawing board. I can only imagine the absolute chaos that would have caused their testing debacle, and then to have to design and manufacture new crucial components would be even worse. all this being said as a Williams… Read more »


Tired of Tyres, dude. Just tired of tyres.

I got confused with the Claire comments, the drivers can’t crash because there aren’t any replacement parts, but they also have gotten rid of the backlog and have updates to bring?


Thanks buddy