TPF Podcast #630 Niki Lauda

Join Paul and me as we take a  moment in this special edition podcast to remember the legend that is Niki Lauda.

We share our thoughts about Niki and offering some opinions about why we, as fans, feel Niki left an indelible mark on the sport of Formula 1 and why he will be so missed.

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Quite correctly, Niki”s death has received a lot of coverage in the media. The scale of this reporting in the UK reminded me of a comment by Stirling Moss, that when he was racing F1 was front page news, i.e. it wasn’t restricted to the sports pages.
On Tuesday morning it was the top story on the BBC news website, and it was still being reported in both the front and back pages of newspapers yesterday.


Nikki was one of my all time heroes… now that I’m older, I’m very well aware of his strength and courage. I can’t imagine getting back in the car with burned lungs. I myself deal with some lung issues. I’ve had my lungs vacuumed out three times, once just last week. They way they do it these days with cameras and saline washes is sissyfied compared to having a metal tube blindly shoved down there. It just heightens my opinion of this legendary driver. He definitely fits the moniker… RIP Nikki.


Todd, my thanks to you and Paul for doing this episode. I didn’t know Nikki’s history very well. I started watching F1 in 2012. I first heard of Nikki as Rush was coming out, and have come to appreciate him over the years.

The podcast was quite compelling and made me appreciate the legacy he left behind.