TPF Podcast #637 Silly Season Silliness

Join Grace and me as we discuss some Formula 1 news from this week as well as chat about some of the silly season rumors we have seen. Where would Vettel go? Would Max leave? Does Ocon have a chance at Mercedes? This and much more.

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Thierry Dubus

Haha, “…Renault best of the rest”… Considering there are 4 engines in F1 and Honda/Ferrari/Mercedes are ahead best of the rest is actually last/worst somehow…

Qarbon Nubia

Ocon will likely be at Renault next year and Mercedes keeps the winning team. I suspect Hulkenberg will go to Haas to replace Grosjean (they will keep K-Mag). The question is what Red Bull will do? Red Bull won’t have Alonso – I reckon the only teams that would have Alonso is McLaren (I hope not as both drivers are doing well) or Sauber (with Kimi). Red Bull needs a solid and consistent point scoring driver that wont get in the way of Verstappen. The best candidate is Perez. Ferrari will keep the current drivers.


I have a feeling Niko won’t join with “suck my b@lls” kmag. Ferrari will want a junior driver at Haas sooner than later, I think.


If you’re looking for someone to stay out of Max’s way, you could hardly do worse than Perez, who has a remarkable history of crashing into his own teammate. The only saving grace would be that I suspect Perez is not actually fast enough to regularly keep up with Max in order to crash into him.

Qarbon Nubia

The accidents were mostly with Ocon (who was often partly to blame)…..Remember Perez worked well with the Hulk but beat him comfortably. The stats are clear Perez brings home the car with the most amount of points of any driver not driving one of the three big teams over the last few seasons. it is not accident that he has six podiums and the Hulk has none. I do agree he won’t be as fast as Max —I wonder if any driver is actually as fast with the exception of Hamilton.