TPF Podcast #640 German GP Review

Join Paul and me as we sit together, in a pub with a beer, and review the Formula 1 German Grand Prix. We cover each team as the finished and even hand out a few awards. How did the rain create such drama and how did Kvyat get on the podium? We discuss it all right here.

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Another fine podcast. I’ve been away from there for a while. I totally agree with NC about Mercedes-they took their eyes off the prize and basked in promoted self-glory of 125 debatable years in racing. However, I did like the period change in uniforms. It can’t be any worse when RedBull were doing the cross-promotion with a Star Wars movie and the pit crew was dressed like stormtroopers. I think the FIA should designate one race on the schedule as a “Heritage weekend” and the teams could run their cars in past liveries(minus tobacco branding) or FIA encourage the teams… Read more »

Tom Firth

NASCAR do it at Darlington and Australian Supercars usually do it at one round a year. Feel F1 and the FIA probably still too stuffy to have fun with that though.


Are we sure that RBR are having engine mapping issues at the start and not just hobbling Max at the so he doesn’t plow into everyone at the first corner? ;-)


Agree with you on the LEC fine. I think the FIA screwed that one up pretty good. I did read somewhere where a driver said if they are going to get penalties as a fine, then the teams will just deposit $100k and draw from that as needed as 100K is chump change to an F1 team (even the low budget teams). Hell, I’m sure some of the drivers wouldn’t mind sacrificing a couple $100k from their multi-million dollar salaries to avoid an on-track penalty. Great win for Honda! Glad to see them heading in the right direction. The others… Read more »