TPF Podcast #641 Hungarian GP Review

Join Paul and me as we review the Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix. We cover each team and driver as they finished and discuss the race as it unfolded for each of them. We discuss strategy and a terrific race incredibly supported by the Hungarian crowd.

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I remember listening to a different podcast about a month ago with Matthew Carter (ex Lotus T.P.) and he mentioned that the deal to replace Bottas with Ocon was already done.


I’m amazed at the pace of Lewis on fresh tires. I’m of the opinion that he was holding back to save tires during the first stints. I’m also convinced that Merc has been holding back, while the rest of the field is maxed out.

it’s worth some speculation about how the customer Merc teams haven’t gotten the better of the works Merc team. Unlike Renault and I will even say Honda with Toro rosso. no conspiracies though, just amazed at the capabilities of that phalanx of boffins.