TPF Podcast #659 Exasperated

Join Grace and me as we review this week’s news in Formula 1. We cover such topics as Nick Chester’s departure from Renault, Toto’s revelation of how $40m is just too much for Daimler to spend and much more.

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1. Calling an award ceremony a “prize giving ceremony” is about as useful as me calling a janitor a “sanitation engineer”. :P

2. I gave up football for Lent. NBA and San Antonio at this point. ;-)

3. Wait, they invented scratch-and-sniff radio? Why didn’t I hear about this?

4. Sure, you can always try to bring back that 1960s Nehru jacket, but lime green? Seriously?

5. Well, Toto, you knew what you were getting into when you signed up.


In English, there is nothing wrong with the phrase prize-giving. It’s just another difference between the English language and that spoken in the USA.


Clearly, Toto, Lewis and Valterri are have in fact been Photoshopped into the picture, it’s part of the FIA’s new Digital Motorsports take over.