TPF Podcast #661 F1 Scrooge!

Join Grace, Paul and me as we bring you the holiday classic and Dickens-styled “An F1 Carol”. yes, we feel it’s time that three ghosts (Past, Present and Future) take F1 on a little trip to show it the error of its ways and to hopefully find that on Christmas Day, it has a change of heart.

As the Ghosts of F1 past, F1 Present and F1 future, we offer a few thoughts on what think may just change F1’s heart but let us know what we missed and what you would show F1.

A huge Thank you to Kingsbridge BCP, Patreon supporters and all of you for your time and financial support in 2019. We wish you all a wonderful Holiday Season.

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If you ever want to try to explain F1 without being patronizing, watch how broadcasters explain NASCAR.


This was a really great discussion and agree with pretty much everything you said. Regarding new viewers, I just started watching in 2009 (cripes! A decade already!). Firstly, the on track product is what drew my interest. Then I stuck around. It was not vast explanations that draw anyone in. Then as I watched, I learned about the sport naturally. As infractions occurred, I then learned about them and it keeps it interesting when unknown rules pop up. No one likes school XD so definitely don’t make it like teaching at one.


As a spectator, regarding race numbers, one race a weekend would be great, but as said, it’s unfeasible as it is. However, if they had more teams, then each team could compete every second week (on average), where they fight all season in Formula A and Formula B, with the top teams competing against each other in Formula A at the end for the championship. That’s about the only way I could figure more races being added. And of course that comes down to affordability for teams (to bring more in and to allow more races on the calendar).


I agree with Grace that accessibility is a huge problem. F1 TV doesn’t go far enough. I’m sure it’s region by region, but last I checked in Canada, I have to wait 2 days before I can watch the races. With GameCenter Live for the NHL, I can drop into a game at any time, whether in progress or just finished. That’s the key piece F1 TV is missing. Until then, torrents are my friend :)