TPF Stories ep 5 | The Orphan

In this episode, we talk about…The Orphan.

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Wow! This left me with both good goosebumps and bad goosebumps. I had no idea how intertwined those stories were. It reminds me of how a forest near my house burned down when I was a kid and I remember walking along the path through this barren wasteland thinking that nothing will ever grow here again, but in a few short years what once was a forest was a meadow and now is a forest yet again. The quality of this story was worthy of being in the race preview show, well done.


If you wrote these yourself Todd, pat yourself on the back, they are very well written and truly interesting.

Xean Drury

I never heard of this driver as of today, and it made me realize how many great stories must be missed simply because they don’t have the notoriety of a Schumacher, Senna, or Hamilton, etc. I’d love to hear more of these stories about lesser known drivers.

Xean Drury

Haha! You could give out $100.00 to everyone and people would still complain that it wasn’t $150.00.