TPF Stories Podcast- Damon’s Bitterness

Editor’s Note: I hope you enjoy this new podcast from TPF which takes a second glance at the history of motorsport. It has its own RSS feed on iTunes or you can listen on the Podbean player below. Let us know if you like the format and content.

In 1994, Damon Hill had an altercation with German driver Michael Schumacher. It would create a decades-long animus Hill had for Schumacher. Damon rarely spoke well of Michael and as time marched on, media, press coverage and stories in books claimed that one of the great rivalries in Formula 1 was between Hill and Schumacher.

As we take a second glance, this wasn’t the case at all. Schumacher wasn’t Damon’s biggest rival.

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I love the idea of this spinoff podcast, but don’t understand leading with animosity. Damon Hill has a way bigger contribution to F1 than his criticism of Schumacher. Maybe you could delve into his personal circumstances a little deeper to see why he left f1 when he did.